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Code Blog Tips Blog is a blog that will give tips and tricks for you to gain more traffic and some money with goggle adsense. The tips and tricks will base on template, tools and adsense for blogger. So subscribe this blog feed or newsletter at left sidebar to get latest updates. Plus, code blog tips will select ONE blog per week at Blog Of The Week section to showoff as example to our visitors. Want to be review too? Just leave a comment at the latest post and you will. Thanks and see ya!

Friday, June 30, 2006

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Create Tag Easier With Tag Generator!

In previous post, how to create tag, i had teach old school style of creating tag.

Today i have received comments from Raimi, he suggests a tool to generate tag, so it called tag generator for easier way. Thanks for your suggestion Raimi and I’m really lucky cause when I am searching for the selected blog for this week, you came to me!. =p

Now, we will use Raimi’ suggestion which is using web base tools. ( Im actualy using the firefox extension to create a post).


The steps are:

1. Create complete post but do not publish yet.

2. Select keotag tag genarator at www.keotag.com

3. Thinks the appropriate tag for the post. For example for this post im using “tag generator”. So remember to put “+” to become “tag+generator”.

4. Select the social bookmarking services that you want to use. Techorati, del.icio.us or anything else.

5. Copy and Paste the Code that created for you to your post

6. Publish your post and we are finished!


Easy right?

I believe that there are many tools that you can used. So dont forget to share it here! Give a comments. For next post, i will tell you how to use editor for firefox extensions, Performancing for firefox. Only firefox users can use it.  So why don’t try firefox? :p


Blog Of The Week

Selected Blog: VideoRaimi

Besides talking about the tips and tricks, Code Blog Tips will give a review for the selected blog. At above post you have learn about the theory part, so this is some kind of practical part!
Blog Title:VideoRaimi.Blogspot
Blog Reviews + why it selected:
Why? One thing  that amaze me when visiting this blog is the his idea and the videos created are great! An example for you that want to create a blog from your interest. Give a different to your visitors. This blog does not only mumble with words but also give you to see his artwork. Good Job Raimi!

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